Lord Of The Isles hosted by Discovery + LEGroom

April 6, 2013


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Lord Of The Isles is a mysterious figure out of Edinburgh, Scotland, who produces a unique and ethereal flavor of disco-inspired house music. He’s put out records on Adult Contemporary, Shevchenko, Unthank, and Ene, among other excellent labels, and was recently featured on the Little White Earbuds podcast series. We’re having him over to play a live PA and DJ set, and we’d like you to come dance with us in a beautiful loft space this April.

About us:

A few months ago we were at a legendary and timeless party, and we heard a piece of music that seemed to make the world stand still. At that particular moment, for almost ten minutes, the dance floor felt like it existed in a dream space, on another world. We were moved, and had to track the song down. That record was Ultraviolet, by Lord Of The Isles.

That night got us thinking about what made old school parties great, and listening to that track made us realize that it’s all about the beautiful music. Beyond purely physical and technical aspects of rhythm and structure, beyond sheer quantities of energy, beautiful music pulls at our hearts and takes us to a higher place. So we’ve joined forces and set up a temporary home in Brooklyn, where we can share this music with like-minded seekers of magic moments.

Discovery + LEGroom present LOVELIGHT, featuring Lord Of The Isles.

We are: Faso, Free Magic, Davie Crolla, and Chris Costello.

The beacon lights April 27, 2013 at 11 pm sharp.

Location TBA the day before the party; RSVP to lovelight.rsvp@gmail.com to receive the address.

Through music we can come together and reach higher levels of being.


January 15, 2013

MLK photo

Join us on the dance floor as we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King

Agent Trevor https://soundcloud.com/agenttrevor
Davie Crolla
Marshallito http://www.subbasssoundsystem.com/

Expect lots of vinyl

Wholelotta Productions http://wholelottaproductions.com/vision

Expect a wholelotta movin’

Sound and Space:
Wood dancefloors, analog signal path, 15-22,000hz -10db

RSVP to brooklynloftparty@gmail.com for location info

Coming on October 20th…

September 30, 2012

On Saturday October 20th, LEGroom celebrates its first anniversary at a new secret Brooklyn venue, showcasing Lindsay Todd, founder of Scotland’s Firecracker RecordingsUnthank, and ShevchenkoLindsay (a.k.a. “House of Traps“) has been releasing attentively-curated House music for the past ten years. Each limited edition record includes his original screen-printed artwork done by hand, and is pressed on premium vinyl. Firecracker RecordingsUnthank, and Shevchenko represent some of the most notable names in modern House music including Vakula, Fudge Fingas, Linkwood, Inkswel, and Lord of the Isles.

A retrospective gallery show will feature Firecracker’s collectible artwork with food catered by Brooklyn private chef, Juliya Madorskaya, and drinks served throughout the night. The event continues with a special DJ set from House of Traps along with LEGroom’s resident DJs. The night begins at 9 pmRSVP for a reduced entry of $10, and recieve an email of the private location on the day of the show. For more details, visit http://www.LEGroomnyc.com or http://www.facebook.com/LEGroomBushwick.

LEGroom is a cultural collective intersecting art, music, food, and good company.

See what Lindsay Todd of Firecracker Recordings and Unthank is all about

September 13, 2012

Preview music for our upcoming event with Firecracker Recordings and sub-label Unthank

September 13, 2012

Sample the Music: A musical journey by LEGroom resident dj, Davie Crolla

September 13, 2012

May 19th: LEGroom presented the Rhizome Party

September 13, 2012

On Saturday May 19th, LEGroom proudly hosted another magical night of art, food, music and a lot of happy people. It was a party to celebrate the collective art show called “Rhizome” by local artists L. Grenades (Elisa Grenades) and Sarah Largess with guest works by Megan Mosholder. To give you a taste, here’s the artists’ statement:


The blind line, the aggressive line, and the building of space, is always an adventure with not many directions until the moment arrives. I enjoy being blind in the act, to let the inner psyche take control for a moment… –Sarah Largess
The works of L Grenades & Sarah Cups explore the metaphor of a rhizome, a thick horizontal stem, generally running along or under ground that serves as a reproductive structure.

If separated into pieces, each segment of the rhizome may give rise to a new plant… a new entity borne of the concentric essence of the universe, morphing evermore from form to form, its abstracted legacy fragmented, yet intact, rooted within the network of its offshoots.

The artists invite the viewer to engage in the dialogue depicted in the space, thereby expanding the network of ever sprouting roots.

The pen moves and makes; I only hold the pen.
Capture very perfect moments, imperfectly. — L Grenades

Food was catered by LEGroom’s own Takashi Hasegawa, cooking up a storm of home-style Japanese comfort food. Music also filled the air with guest djs Point Break (of Tar and Feathered) as well as LEGroom resident DJs, spinning all night long.